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The Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque has joined the growing trend of vegan cuisine with new culinary proposals

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 2015.- The Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque (, company owned by the Grupo CIO (, in its intention to maintain satisfactory culinary offerings for all its guests, is incorporating into the menus of its restaurants and the different themed buffets vegan dishes with the objective of satisfying the needs of those who wish to eliminate all animal products from their diets.

The Food & Beverage department of the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque has an array of suppliers throughout the islands who provide them with vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc. which are used as raw material for the dishes offered daily in the Hotel and which are the main ingredients in this type of cuisine which has become so popular recently and which is rapidly growing.

In addition, the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque also has its own farm in the area of “Vera de Erque”, where they have started to grow 100% organic produce in order to collect the best seasonal produce, although in the hotel itself there is also a small organic garden which is used daily.

Within its culinary offering, the latest establishment inaugurated in the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque a few weeks ago, La Brasserie, led by Belgian chef Pierre Résimont (two Michelin stars), has positioned itself as a one of the top choices in the nine restaurants that make up the gastronomic offer of the Bahía del Duque, and where Résimont uses many of the usual ingredients of vegan cuisine. 

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