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Bahía del Duque

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The Bahía del Duque, located on the island of Tenerife, next to the Atlantic Ocean, is a luxury residential complex inspired in the culture of The Canary Islands, reflected both in its colonial style as well as the clothing of the personnel, inspired in the traditional attire of the region. Tenerife is known for its unique volcanic nature and its exceptional spring climate. An extraordinary oasis of landscapes, surrounded by crystal waters rich in marine life. The Hotel which offers free Wi-Fi, was renovated between 2008 – 2009, coinciding with the opening of its exclusive 40 Villas and its singular Thalasso Spa.

Private Residences

Private Residences Enjoy ownership of your own private villa in the Bahía del Duque. Envision a residence where, in addition to the elegance and subtlety of its decor, you can enjoy impeccable personalized service, all of it located on a magical Atlantic island surrounded by lush landscaped gardens. The Private Residences are characterized by being authored projects where prestigious artists and designers such as Foster & Partners, the designer Gary Player and the interior designer Pascua Ortega, interpret the concept of luxury and hospitality with a very personal stamp. Each Villa includes a private heated pool, spacious gardens and pergolas, spectacular baths set in basalt stone and exotic bedrooms. Each one of these villas creates a feeling of distinction and tranquillity, which deserves to be experienced. Controlled access to the Hotel, 24-hour security service on site and the safety of the destination, create the perfect tranquil, private and relaxed atmosphere for our guests. Furthermore, the villas include complete access to all the facilities and services of the Bahía del Duque; including its magnificent Spa and the exquisite dining options.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you wish to purchase a Villa, please contact our Real Estate division: Tel.: +34 649 425 630 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

The Villas of the Bahía del Duque offer an exclusive menu of “a la carte baths”

The Villas of the Bahía del Duque offer an exclusive menu of “a la carte baths” The 40 exclusive Villas of Bahía del Duque (, designed by the prestigious interior designer Pascua Ortega, offer all its guests “a la carte bath” menu, which are prepared with Acqua di Parma products ( Designed by Pascua Ortega, the peculiarity of the baths of the Villas of Bahía del Duque resides in the materials used for their build- the black basalt stone – which together with the natural light skylight (during the day) or under the stars (during the night) that covers it, converts this space into a magical place to enjoy these baths. Of the overall proposals, the most popular options among the guests of the 40 Villas are: Romantic Bath: This is a very suggestive bath, where a rich foam is prepared using soaps and salts and which create a heady aroma, ideal for enjoying as a couple. To create the perfect ambiance, the area of the bath is decorated with many candles and rose petals, which are distributed around the bath. It can be requested at any time of the day, but it’s recommended in the afternoon, when you can then enjoy dinner served on the terrace of the Villa, prepared by the Restaurante “Las Aguas” and served by the butler. Sweet Awakening Bath: Ideal to start the day with renewed energy; this is a light bath where marine salts from the Atlantic Ocean are used, evoking the freshness of the sea breeze. It is accompanied by an energetic breakfast that includes orange juice, natural yogurt and a delicious fresh fruit salad. Oriental Dream Bath: This is a relaxing bath which offers a chocolate foam with calming effects on the skin, accompanied by scented candles, the aromas of spices, jasmine tea, fruit & nuts and dessert dates will fill the room in order to recreate an environment reminiscent of the far east. To complete the experience for the guest, under reservation, they can add a relaxing back and neck massage. Natural Volcanic Bath: This is an original bath which uses products typical of The Canary Islands, such as Aloe Vera Gel, combined with a Lavender exfoliate, as well as natural incense to create a unique atmosphere. The mineralized water of Teide and local fruit will complete the experience. “Duqui” Bath: Designed for the little ones, this children’s bath has been designed as a unique aquatic festival where the kids are the protagonists. It’s a foam bath accompanied by lots of bubbles, that turn the bath into the perfect place for their games. Each child will receive a children’s “Duqui” set that includes cologne, cream, a sponge and a rubber duck, as well as a chocolate milkshake, cookies and sweets. The hotel product line from Acqua di Parma, which in the words of the brand is “dedicated exclusively for the best hotels in the world”, has found inspiration it its traditional and artisanal Eau de Cologne to scent with the refined notes of the famous fragrant this line of soaps, shower gels and hair or body care products, suitable for both men and women. 

Bahía del Duque continues the strong support for its cuisine with the reopening of the restaurant “La Trattoria”

Bahía del Duque continues the strong support for its cuisine with the reopening of the restaurant “La Trattoria” Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 2016.-  Bahía del Duque ( is reopening the doors of its restaurant “La Trattoria”, following several weeks of renovations and the design of a new menu, created by the Italian chef Simone Millico, ambassador of Italian cuisine in Spain, certified by the Cinque Stella d'Italia, which distinguishes a chef as a technical level specialist in the use of Italian products as well as certified by the GVCI e ItChefs.  The design team of the Hotel, led by Raúl de la Rosa, have updated the space by re-arranging some elements in order to expand the dimensions of the dining area. Furthermore, the colours on the walls have also been updated as well as the carpentry on all its windows and doors, together with the renovation of the furnishings. With the change in the current layout, the restaurant is now divided into three distinct areas. We can highlight the main entrance area, where the bar is, presided by a great “Sputnik” lamp from the 60’s and where they have played with wood and steel furniture. This space flows into the staircase area where a large table with 6 chairs has been placed following the most innovative trends and faithful to an industrial style.  The second space, perfectly distinguished from the rest of the room, in the style of a interior Italian patio, is based on Italian interior design, with hydraulic floors, chairs made of reclaimed wood, decorative pieces of ceramics and traditional pottery, combined with laurel trees native to the area of Tuscany. Lastly, the main dining area shows the commitment to the current trend with a masonry reminiscent of Italian restaurants of the 50’s and 60’s; hung on the walls are photographs of diverse elements that refer to the identity of the country, from iconic buildings such as the Roman Coliseum, to the views of the Amalfi Coast, the quintessential Vespa scooter, Parmesan Cheese or an orchard of ancient olive trees. On the new menu, we can highlight the raw materials and traditional Italian elaborations, where fresh pasta, pizza of Mozzarela di Bufala cannot go amiss. The specialities on this new menu designed by Simone Millico include Risotto porcini and duck liver; Burrata de Puglia Mozzarela with cherry tomatoes, Bresaola and candied melon; Linguini with seafood, garlic, tomato, white wine and Panna Cotta with a reduction of Italian cherries (Amarena Fabbri), as well as ricotta ice-cream with chocolate crumble.

The Spa Bahía del Duque offers three effective facial treatments to prepare the skin for the arrival of Autumn.

The Spa Bahía del Duque offers three effective facial treatments to prepare the skin for the arrival of Autumn. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, August 2016.- The Spa of the Hotel Bahía del Duque (, company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (, in order to facilitate the arrival of the autumn, is presenting three new facial treatments, designed for the immediate renewal of the  skin. The team of the Spa Bahía del Duque, has designed this proposal in response to the needs of the skin after being subjected to prolonged sun exposure during the summer months. Therefore, and in order to move into autumn with a radiant and blemish-free skin, it proposes three facial treatments, “O2 RELAX”, DIAMOND WHITENING SYSTEM-ILLUMINATOR” and “CARBOXI-EXPRÉS”. The protocols for these treatments are detailed below: O2 RELAX This procedure provides energy to the cells and eliminates toxins stored in the pores, achieving an absolute state of purity and relaxation for the skin. AIM: The result is a face free of impurities and completely revitalized. PROCEDURE: This treatment involves releasing pure oxygen molecules into the skin. PRICE: 110 € DURATION: 60 minutes   DIAMOND WHITENING SYSTEM- ILLUMINATING In collaboration with Natura Bissé, the team of therapists of the Spa Bahía del Duque have created this innovative method, which thanks to the elevated concentration of anti-blemish actives, works with high precision where the skin needs it the most, providing cumulative results and prevents imbalances of pigment to age the skin. The result is a skin with no blemishes and free of imperfections. AIM: The effectiveness of this depigmenting treatment is based on 3 pillars: renewal, depigmenting and lightening, achieving an even skin tone and texture. PROCEDURE: The therapist will begin with the application of a potent peeling gel of alfa hidroxy acids, deeply renewing the skin. Next, they will apply a powerful anti dark spots concentrate, which will prevent the formation of new areas of pigmentation as well as an exclusive illuminating veil, that provides a lasting feeling of wellness to the skin. To finish off the treatment, a radiant face cream is applied which reveals a unified, flawless and velvety complexion. PRICE: 120 € DURATION: 60 minutes   CARBOXI-EXPRÉS Aware of the time constraints of their guests, the team of the Spa Bahía del Duque proposes this treatment, which creates clean and luminous skin in no time. It is an express facial treatment, combining technologically advanced ingredients with other lifting effect. AIM: This exclusive treatment regenerates the skin surface intensively, providing maximum luminosity and freshness to the skin. PROCEDURE: The facial Carboxi-Exprés poses a new concept in skin treatments, thanks to the incorporation of a proven technique in aesthetic medicine: carboxiterapia. This system fights the signs of aging skin by applying CO² producing an effervescent effect, resulting in visibly revitalized skin. PRICE: 75 € DURATION: 30 minutes
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