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The Spa Bahía del Duque launches its new Christmas Rituals, "Diamond Rose Ritual" and "Garoe Ritual".

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, September 2015.- The team of Spa professionals’ of the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort (, property of the Grupo CIO ( is proposing two exclusive treatments for this Christmas season, “DIAMOND ROSE RITUAL” and “GAROE RITUAL” which aim to hydrate and renew.

DIAMOND ROSE RITUAL is a wondrous youth elixir, a luxurious treatment that uses the exquisite damask rose and diamond dust as its main ingredients.

  • AIM: This sophisticated and romantic procedure achieves spectacular results on the skin, thanks to its intensive hydrating and rejuvenating power it provides firmness and radiance. 
  • STAR PRODUCT: This procedure uses Natura Bissé luxury beauty products, such as the Diamond Experience Rose Mist, which thanks to its formula of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric essential oils, it activates blood flow, promotes fat burning, and eliminates toxins, as well as stimulating cellular metabolism which in turn has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. This treatment is completed with Natura Bissé Damask Oil, created from the petals of Damask Roses from Morocco, using a low pressure extraction measure, which achieves a fragrance almost identical to fresh roses, considered the queen of the flowers and used throughout history as a beauty elixir.
  • PROCEDURE: The ritual begins with an exfoliation based on Damask Rose and Diamond dust, to help renew the skins texture, increasing firmness and radiance by applying Diamond Experience Rose Mist, providing an ultra-nourishing and rejuvenating exfoliation. The treatment continues with a delicate massage using Damask Nourishing Oils by Natura Bissé, culminating with a protective veil leaving the skin looking radiant and luminous.
  • DURATION: 90 minutes

The price per person is 200€ 


GAROE RITUAL is a prestigious treatment, designed exclusively by the team at the Spa Bahía del Duque.

  • AIM: This intensive treatment aims to combat the lack of comfort of the skin, reinforcing its defence systems.
  • PROCEDURE: The ritual begins with an effective combination of a steam bath, applying a soft bamboo exfoliation, followed by a seaweed wrap that prepares the skin. This ritual softens and nourishes the skin, as well as the muscles, with a hydrating bath thanks to the application of specific Natura Bissé products, used by the massage therapists of the Spa Bahía del Duque, which is finished with a relaxing body massage.
  • RESULTS: Combines regenerating, hydrating and relaxing actions, becoming a benchmark of exclusive cosmetics.
  • DURATION: 3 hours

The price per person is 300€


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