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Bahía del Duque as a company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO), considers the momentum of its Corporate Responsibility as a fundamental axis for the social, environmental and economic development of its activity, always consequential with its surroundings.

The Bahía del Duque maintains a very active role in the different areas of Corporate Responsibility, engaging in the compliance of protocols for the sustainability of its existing hotel products, as well as with the planning of future projects.

There are many humanitarian organizations with which the CIO Group, owners of thel Bahía del Duque, works closely. The Hotel has developed a long-term relationship with the international NGO “Action Aid”, for which the Bahía del Duque offers all its guests the chance to collaborate by donating one euro from their final bill. Through this programme, 40 communities and 40 children have been sponsored since 1988.  The objective of this NGO is to provide ideas and resources to its communities in Ethiopia, India, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Peru for them to thrive and become self-sufficient.

Furthermore, the Hotel also donates household and décor items to help those less fortunate in our local communities; hotel employees participate in campaigns, the human resources department encourages the hiring of persons with disability or in a situation of social exclusion and all the Drugstores in the Hotel participate in raising money by selling products created by the Down Syndrome Association.

The Bahía del Duque is a partner of the following NGO’s:

 - Cáritas

- SOS Children’s Villages

- Action Aid

- Red Cross

- Ben Magec - Ecologistas en Acción



All the objectives are integrated into the overall planning of CSR which has been implemented by the CIO Group and which you can find here:

Please feel free to read through the Sustainability Policy of the Bahía del Duque Resort. 


If you would like further information please contact:

Management of Corporate Social Responsibility

Islas Canarias
09:48 hs

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