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Bahía del Duque

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Le Bahía del Duque, situé sur l'île de Ténériffe, dans l'Océan Atlantique, est un ensemble résidentiel de luxe qui respire la culture des Iles Canaries, tant par son architecture coloniale que par les tenues du personnel, qui s’inspirent des habits traditionnels de la région. Ténériffe est connue par sa singulière nature volcanique et son exceptionnel climat printanier. Un extraordinaire oasis de paysages, entourés d'eaux cristallines, riches en vie marine. L'Hôtel, qui possède un accès wi-fi gratuit, a été rénové dans les années 2008 et 2009, ce qui a coïncidé avec l'inauguration de ses 40 Villas et de son extraordinaire Spa-Thalasso.

Private Residences

Private Residences Profitez d'une Villa privée dans le Bahía del Duque. Imaginez une résidence dans laquelle non seulement vous remarquerez l'élégance et la subtilité de sa décoration, mais aussi un impeccable service personnalisé ; tout cela situé dans une magique île atlantique entourée de jardins exubérants et bien entretenus. The Private Residences sont des projets de créateurs de premier choix, comme le cabinet d'architecture Foster & Partners, le champion et concepteur de golf Gary Player et l'architecte d'intérieur Pascua Ortega, qui ont revisité le concept du luxe et de l'hospitalité d’une manière très personnelle. Chaque Villa possède une piscine privée climatisée, de grands jardins et pergolas, des spectaculaires salles de bains en pierre basaltique et des chambres à coucher exotiques. Chaque villa crée une sensation d’exclusivité et d’harmonie qui mérite d'être vécue. De plus, les villas comprennent l'accès à toutes les installations et à tous les services du Bahía del Duque, y compris aux services du Spa Bahía del Duque et à sa grande offre gastronomique. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Si vous voulez acquérir une villa en propriété, vous pouvez contacter notre département immobilier: Tel.: +34 649 425 630 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

The Spa Bahía del Duque offers three effective facial treatments to prepare the skin for the arrival of Autumn.

The Spa Bahía del Duque offers three effective facial treatments to prepare the skin for the arrival of Autumn. Santa Cruz of Tenerife, August 2016.- The Spa of the Hotel Bahía del Duque (, company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (, in order to facilitate the arrival of the autumn, is presenting three new facial treatments, designed for the immediate renewal of the  skin. The team of the Spa Bahía del Duque, has designed this proposal in response to the needs of the skin after being subjected to prolonged sun exposure during the summer months. Therefore, and in order to move into autumn with a radiant and blemish-free skin, it proposes three facial treatments, “O2 RELAX”, DIAMOND WHITENING SYSTEM-ILLUMINATOR” and “CARBOXI-EXPRÉS”. The protocols for these treatments are detailed below: O2 RELAX This procedure provides energy to the cells and eliminates toxins stored in the pores, achieving an absolute state of purity and relaxation for the skin. AIM: The result is a face free of impurities and completely revitalized. PROCEDURE: This treatment involves releasing pure oxygen molecules into the skin. PRICE: 110 € DURATION: 60 minutes   DIAMOND WHITENING SYSTEM- ILLUMINATING In collaboration with Natura Bissé, the team of therapists of the Spa Bahía del Duque have created this innovative method, which thanks to the elevated concentration of anti-blemish actives, works with high precision where the skin needs it the most, providing cumulative results and prevents imbalances of pigment to age the skin. The result is a skin with no blemishes and free of imperfections. AIM: The effectiveness of this depigmenting treatment is based on 3 pillars: renewal, depigmenting and lightening, achieving an even skin tone and texture. PROCEDURE: The therapist will begin with the application of a potent peeling gel of alfa hidroxy acids, deeply renewing the skin. Next, they will apply a powerful anti dark spots concentrate, which will prevent the formation of new areas of pigmentation as well as an exclusive illuminating veil, that provides a lasting feeling of wellness to the skin. To finish off the treatment, a radiant face cream is applied which reveals a unified, flawless and velvety complexion. PRICE: 120 € DURATION: 60 minutes   CARBOXI-EXPRÉS Aware of the time constraints of their guests, the team of the Spa Bahía del Duque proposes this treatment, which creates clean and luminous skin in no time. It is an express facial treatment, combining technologically advanced ingredients with other lifting effect. AIM: This exclusive treatment regenerates the skin surface intensively, providing maximum luminosity and freshness to the skin. PROCEDURE: The facial Carboxi-Exprés poses a new concept in skin treatments, thanks to the incorporation of a proven technique in aesthetic medicine: carboxiterapia. This system fights the signs of aging skin by applying CO² producing an effervescent effect, resulting in visibly revitalized skin. PRICE: 75 € DURATION: 30 minutes

The Spa Bahía del Duque has opened a new experiences spa named “Thai Room Plaza”

The Spa Bahía del Duque has opened a new experiences spa named “Thai Room Plaza” Santa Cruz de Tenerife, August 2016.- The Spa Bahía del Duque (, company owned by the Compañía de las Islas Occidentales ( have launched a new sensory space name Thai Room Plaza, located on the first floor of the Spa. This innovative concept offers an experience through the senses on a journey that begins with the sense of touch and continues with smell; taste and hearing, until we reach a complete physical and emotional state of relaxation. Thai Room Plaza includes the following services: Spa Circuit “Oriental Splash”: Exclusive spa circuit that includes a traditional herbal steam, sauna, solarium and relaxation area. Thai Room Chic Massage: Service area with all the variables of the traditional dry Thai massage. Aroma Bar: Over 50 aromas originating from the Asian continent which you can taste.  Thai Tonic Buffet: Exquisite selection of flavours from Thailand, with a menu of snacks and herbal teas. Audition Area & Thai Club: Ambience and sounds combined with the vibration of Tibetan bowls, flutes and ancestral instruments help with meditation and relaxation. Conditions of Service Thai Room Plaza: Exclusive access to the space Thai Room Plaza. Passes valid for 2 days, including complimentary access to all the areas of the Thai Room Plaza. 20% discount on all Thai Room Spa treatments in private rooms (the basic packages include a five minute complimentary mini massage). Access Price: 49€ Furthermore, those guests who wish to can expand the traditional Thai massage, wraps, scrubs or exfoliations with natural ingredients original from Thailand, according to the following options: 30 minutes of treatment 99,20€ 60 minutes of treatment 127,20€ 90 minutes of treatment 164,00€ 120 minutes of treatment 197,60€ 

The Bahía del Duque has expanded its accommodation with a new triple suite.

The Bahía del Duque has expanded its accommodation with a new triple suite. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, September 2016.- The Hotel Bahía del Duque ( company owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO) ( has increased its accommodation offer with an exclusive triple suite, with spectacular views of the ocean and of the island of La Gomera. This new two-story suite includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the ground floor, an attic bedroom with an en-suite bathroom on the top floor, as well as two private terraces, one of them with an outdoor Jacuzzi. This 228sqm impressive triple suite, of which 121sqm are terraces, has been developed by Rául de la Rosa, Brand Manager of the Hotel and who was responsible for the interior design of the project, which has been inspired by the current trends in design. High-end original pieces of national and international design take centre stage, as well as the prominence of grey and yellow colours, which have been used expertly to create a fresh ambiance that combines perfectly with the hardwood floors. “We decided to use fresh tones and the uniqueness of the views as the main inspiration for the development of the project” states Raúl de la Rosa. “Spaces have also been opened, such as the large walk-in closet with no doors, making the most of the natural light; the windows, which offer stunning sea views, have also been widened allowing a flow of natural light characteristic of coastal areas”. Raúl de la Rosa. One of the most special aspects of the project are the glass handrails which lead to the upper floor and the terrace, creating a feeling of spaciousness and offer unobstructed views of the ocean. We cannot forget about the master bathroom, where a large oval bathtub presides the room, highlighted by the natural light which enters through its great window, and which allows guests to enjoy an exclusive bath whilst watching the night sky or the first rays of the morning sun. Moreover, and fulfilling its objective of maintaining a constant renewal of the facilities, in accordance with the quality of service it provides, the Hotel Bahía del Duque has also renovated another five suites with sea views. In all of these, which include a large bedroom, a bathroom and separate living area, the interior design team of the Hotel has wanted to stay true to the very essence of the Bahía del Duque, however incorporating more modern textiles, where the ranges of greens and beiges are integrated with the original nature of the Hotel and its surroundings.
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