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The team of the Spa Bahía del Duque creates a plan for mothers-to-be, combining exercise, fruit therapy and a hydrating body treatment

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 2015.- Enjoying a healthy as well as aesthetic pregnancy and post-partum experience is possible thanks to the new programme created by the team of therapists of the Spa Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque (, who in collaboration with the physiotherapist of the Spa, Michal Novotny, propose a combination of physical activity and individual exercises, with the nutritional support of fruit therapy and the aesthetic benefits of the body treatment “mother tenderness” offered by the Spa Bahía del Duque.

Getting the mother-to-be to feel healthy and beautiful and two important objectives during the gestation period. On day one a physical assessment is carried out and an individualized and dynamic plan is organized, controlling rest, nutrition and physical exercise.

The plan evolves at the same pace as the gestation period; it is adapted to each trimester of the pregnancy and will carry on after delivery, as the benefits of the physical activity will allow for an improvement in mood, better sleeping, decrease in the discomforts of this stage, as well as maintaining the pelvic muscles in an optimum state, favouring the birth and recovery. Breathing, postural control, flexibility and coordination of all these factors establish the pillars of physical health during maternity.

Michael Novotny’s physiotherapy clinic, with clients such as Rafa Nadal, María Sharapova or Roger Federer, offers spectacular facilities within the Spa Bahía del Duque which includes a CHI and Kinesis Studio for working on flexibility, breathing, and postural control, areas which are complemented with the thalassotherapy area which allow for improvement in joint mobility and muscle.

The nutritional aspect is also very important during this period, which is why the Michal Novotny’s team will advise the mum-to-be about on nutritional guidelines, always based on natural products that provide the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals needed for proper fetal development. The Spa Bahía del Duque offers a complete menu of juices and natural smoothies created by Michal Novotny and which are part of Fruit therapy, a therapeutic technique based on the study of the nutritional and medicinal substances of fruit and vegetables and their benefits for the body.

Linked to this, the Bahia del Duque Spa offers optimal treatment for health and elasticity of the skin under the name "Mothers tenderness", using products from the prestigious Spanish cosmetics brand Natura Bissé.

This treatment, designed to pamper the mum-to-be, focuses on core needs. A gentle massage with soothing oils relieves heavy legs. While other areas like belly, hips, thighs and breasts are treated with nutritious and soothing oils to provide greater elasticity to the skin. The treatment "mother tenderness" also includes a moisturizing facial and neck and shoulder massage to provide complete well being.

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