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The Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque arrives in the glamorous and international “Cannes Film Festival”

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, April 2014.- The Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque (www.bahia-duque.com), property of the CIO Group (www.cio-company.com), has signed an agreement with the company Mayor Events Media, which involves the installation of a large screen where the Hotel will present its most exclusive products, including its forty stunning villas, opened five years ago, during the celebration of the International Cannes Film Festival, and which will be located on the famous “La Croisette” Avenue, the city’s most important avenue. “La Croisette” brings together thousands of people during the festival, among producers, celebrities, press, visitors and those invited to the dozens of parties and premiers that occur during the festival.

This important promotional activity has recently been signed with the organization of this event, and within a policy of international promotion being conducted by the Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque in new media and spaces where they can reach a live audience, which are generally familiar with the brand Bahia del Duque.

The International Cannes Film Festival is the most glamorous event in the calendar of annual festivals that are celebrated around the world, now celebrating its 67th edition between 14 and 25 May, and as per usual every year, it will bring together the most outstanding figures of the movie industry in one of the world's most photographed red carpets. During the twelve days of the festival, the city of Cannes will become the epicentre of the international film industry, where directors, actors, movie lovers, businessmen and journalists from around the world come together, gathering over 200.000 people. 

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